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Environmental Recovery

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When occupying a residential property, you must put the health and safety of your family first. Indoor air quality is essential to having a clean home, and you want to live in a safe environment with your family. If your residential property has experienced environmental concerns, you need to work with a certified expert for mold removal and remediation services. 

Environmental Remediation Services

Metro Disaster Specialists are proud to be certified mold remediation contractors. We have the certifications, insurance, equipment, and experience to properly remediate mold projects of any size. Our environmental recovery services include:

Mold Remediation

The first priority in an environmental loss is to start with a thorough inspection. The source of the elevated moisture needs to be established. Air samples need to be collected from an Environmental Hygienist to properly evaluate the spores collected from the air of the affected space. Once the results are retrieved from the lab, a hygienist can write an environmental protocol on the steps to follow to properly remediate the environmental damage. Metro’s technicians are properly trained to set containments, set up negative air, and provide proper demo, while safely keeping the space under negative pressure to avoid cross-contaminating other areas of the residential property.

Trauma/Bloodborne Pathogen & Crime Scene Restoration

In the event of contamination due to trauma or blood loss, it’s critical that trained professionals handle the environmental recovery. Metro’s technicians have had their vaccinations and are trained to wear proper professional protective equipment to protect themselves as well as others. Our team is trained to efficiently decontaminate a residential property and return it to a safe environment to occupy. This involves demo of porous affected materials and disinfecting all hard services. HEPA filtration units are used to scrub the air during remediation services.  

Sewage Back-up Remediation

Category 3 Water can come from sewage, ground surface water, and wind-driven rain from hurricanes, tropical storms, or other related events. It is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents. Metro’s technicians have their required vaccinations and personal protective equipment to properly remediate Category 3 losses. Metro follows the recommendation of the IICRC’s S500 standard for water damage remediation.


As Licensed General Contractors, our reconstruction services provide businesses with a model for construction excellence and unmatched standards of quality and reliability after a disaster situation.

Your Essential Resource for Environmental Remediation

At Metro Disaster Specialists, our team is trained and ready to respond quickly to handle your environmental recovery. Metro’s long history of professional approach and practical knowledge has made our residential disaster recovery services an essential resource for homeowners and insurance professionals. Our extensive environmental remediation services will get you back to normal with minimal downtime.

24/7-365 Emergency Response

Our expert Emergency Response Teams are just a phone call away to take action. When you call Metro, our managerial staff are on standby with restoration and reconstruction crews. We’ll be on location within minutes to secure your property and contents against further damage.

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