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Natural Disaster Recovery

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Natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes often strike without warning. And even if you do have notice, you can only do so much to minimize the potential damage. So if Mother Nature damages your business, our top priority is to minimize downtime and get you back in your building as soon as possible. Metro has decades of experience helping business owners recover after a natural disaster. We’ll handle every aspect of the natural disaster recovery and restoration, so you can focus on taking care of your team and clients.

Natural Disaster Recovery Services

With the latest equipment, an experienced certified workforce, and a national reputation for excellence, Metro Disaster Specialists is dedicated to helping you recover from your natural disaster. Our natural disaster response services include:

Water Extraction & Drying

Our highly skilled IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) are quickly dispatched for emergency water extraction and equipped with the most extensive inventory of drying equipment in the state. They’re experienced in mitigating any size of water loss and use nationally approved drying procedures. Once the damage is under control, a Loss Specialist will inspect your property to determine the extent of the damage in the affected areas and prepare an insurance estimate.

Temporary Power

When natural disasters strike, power loss is almost always a factor. If your business is still occupiable, but you’re without power, we supply generators to keep you up and running. This can reduce financial loss due to relocation, spoiled products, and business downtime. Metro is equipped with a fleet of trailer-mounted power solutions for temporary, standby, and emergency power requirements. Metro has the capability to respond with temporary power of any size and the workforce for connection services.

Temporary Relocation

If your business is in an unusable or unsafe condition, we offer temporary relocation until you can formulate a long-term plan. Metro excels in providing temporary mobile job office or classroom accommodations while following all ADA compliance for stair and wheelchair accessibility. Metro also provides data, electricity, water, and HVAC for portable structures. 

On-site Structure Cleaning

Natural disasters can leave a mess in their wake. Our team will handle all debris removal and cleanup to restore your business to its pre-loss condition, allowing you to focus on your business needs. 


As Licensed General Contractors, our reconstruction Services provide businesses with a model for construction excellence and unmatched standards of quality and reliability after a disaster situation.

Secure Your Business Against Further Damage

At Metro Disaster Specialists, our team is trained and ready to respond quickly to handle a natural disaster of any size. Metro’s long history of professional approach and practical knowledge has made our commercial disaster recovery services an essential resource for business owners and insurance professionals. If necessary, our Restoration Technicians will be dispatched to perform emergency pack-outs to inventory, pack, and move any contents that require more detailed restoration to our secured warehouse facilities. We’ll work hard to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

24/7-365 Emergency Response

Our expert Emergency Response Teams are just a phone call away to take action. When you call Metro, our managerial staff are on standby with restoration and reconstruction crews. We’ll be on location within minutes to secure your property and contents against further damage. 

PRIME Program for Businesses

Commercial disasters happen, and our Prepared Response in Managed Emergencies (PRIME) Program is a free opportunity to provide a plan for business owners to minimize losses due to interruption and control the cost of restoring operations. Proper planning for a commercial disaster within your organization is vital. Let Metro’s team of loss prevention professionals help your organization plan to be prepared in the event of a disaster.

"They restored to normal what to us seemed an impossible task. Our thanks and appreciation to all."

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