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Metro Disaster Specialists PRIME Program

Emergency Preparedness

Are You Prepared When Disaster Strikes?

Commercial disasters happen, and our Prepared Response in Managed Emergencies (PRIME) Program is a free opportunity to provide a plan for business owners to minimize losses due to interruption and control the cost of restoring operations. As a member of the PRIME Program, Metro will inspect your business’s facilities, equipment, and processes, make recommendations for preventing potential problems, and gather all critical data, important documents, and information about your business. That way, if an emergency occurs, we can get right to work.

Emergency Preparedness Program

A Disaster Preparedness Plan tailored to your business is not complete without a general preparedness plan to minimize business interruption and make sure the business is prepared when disaster strikes. 

Metro Disaster Specialists has developed and implemented the PRIME Program to provide a no-cost opportunity for business owners to minimize business interruption losses and control the cost of restoring business operations. Through the PRIME Program, Metro will inspect a business’s facilities, equipment, and operations; make recommendations for preventing potential problems and begin gathering data and information about the business allowing it to better serve the business with a fast response.

PRIME members don’t have to worry about choosing an Emergency Service Response Contractor or assessing its qualifications and availability. Metro will respond onsite with your company’s specialized suppliers and trusted business partners. Metro excels in expediting all the moving pieces of a project while keeping the customers’ business interruption minimal as possible.

24/7-365 Emergency Response

Our expert Emergency Response Teams are just a phone call away to take action. When you call Metro, our managerial staff are on standby with restoration and reconstruction crews. We’ll be on location within minutes to secure your property and contents against further damage. 

Choose the Disaster Restoration Experts

At Metro Disaster Specialists, our team is trained and ready to respond quickly to handle any disaster. Metro’s long history of professional approach and practical knowledge has made our commercial disaster recovery services an essential resource for property owners and insurance professionals. Our PRIME Program saves you a step when a disaster occurs and gets you back in business with minimal interruption.

"There really are no words to express how quickly and thoroughly Metro performed their task."

Protect Your Business from Avoidable Losses

Our PRIME Program provides risk managers, property managers, and business owners the highest level of guidance in preparing for emergencies. With over 40 years of experience in disaster restoration, we’re the team you can trust to quickly get you back in business.