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Metro’s highly trained and experienced team of construction professionals will lead you through the process of restoring your property, saving thousands of dollars and hours of frustration. Your property will be treated as our own.
The steps Metro goes through to take the stress out of your loss….
Our professional staff will assess the damage to your home, personal contents, furniture, and other items.
Our highly trained technicians will begin the restoration process. Any items to be taken off-site will be inventoried, professionally packed and transported to our facility. Both you and your insurance adjuster will receive an itemized list.
Contents will be cleaned, repaired, and deodorized to restore them to pre-loss condition.
Items will be stored in our secure climate controlled storage facility while your home is being restored to it’s pre-loss condition..
You and your insurance adjuster will be able to perform an inspection of your items at our facility during the restoration process.
Upon completion of your home, Metro will deliver your contents back to your home.
Residential Fire Reconstruction includes:
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Water Removal
  • Smoke Odor Control and Elimination
  • Securing Your Home
  • Complete Inventory of Home Contents
  • On-site Cleaning
  • Packing and Storage (Pack-out)
  • Secure Storage of Contents
The Best Choice For Arkansas
Metro Disaster Specialists works for you and will help settle your claim with the insurance adjuster. Yet another way that Metro takes the stress out of an already stressful situation.

A Loss Specialist and Superintendent are assigned to each reconstruction project to ensure proper handling of the entire process of structure restoration.

Fully licensed and insured our construction division is certified by the State of Arkansas to build, rebuild, and reconstruct any scale building or structure with an unlimited category.

Past projects include schools, governmental buildings, shopping centers, hospitals; high rises, manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, and private homes. Metro’s Construction Team contains the skilled craftsmen that property owners and insurance companies turn to when disasters strike!

The Only Choice To Reduce Business Interruption & Loss of Income

Commercial Fire Reconstruction includes:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Water Removal
  • Smoke Odor Control and Elimination
  • Securing Your Business
  • Complete Inventory of Business Contents
  • On-site Cleaning
  • Packing and Storage (Pack-out)
  • Secure Storage of Contents

  • Everyone we dealt with including the floor sub-contractor was professional and very easy to work with. Metro and Lloyd's Carpet World will be at the top of our list of preferred companies.

    Brenda Eden Avatar
    Brenda Eden

    We were very happy with their quick response and pleased with the billing amount.

    B. R. McGintry Avatar
    B. R. McGintry

    Very responsive and worked through issues until resolution. Great Staff! James D'Arezzo is the best!

    Linda Blair, Facility Manager Avatar
    Linda Blair, Facility Manager
  • Quality and timeliness of service was very good. I will recommend you to others.

    Tony Dawson Avatar
    Tony Dawson

    Staff efficient, courteous, and attentive! Workmanship outstanding. Restored to normal what to us seemed an impossible task. Our thanks and appreciation to all.

    Austin B. Avatar
    Austin B.

    As we’ve unpacked more items we’ve become increasingly astonished at the quality of your work.

    When we moved here 20 years ago, we personally packed and loaded everything into two 26’ trucks which were each packed to the virtual gills. After traveling from Atlanta, unloading, and unpacking everything, I was kinda’ proud of having only one small glass decorative item not survive the trip. On a percentage basis, I thought I did pretty well.

    You folks broke my record. We’ve been unpacking things that I never dreamed would have survived a trip to Little Rock and back, never mind going through a fire and thorough cleaning.

    Also please pass along our regards to your refinishing and upholstery folks. I hate to wear out the word ‘astonishing’, but they’re in that club too.

    We’ve been through quite a lot in the last year or so. Your company’s service, performance, and - especially! – results have turned out to be one of the brighter spots.

    Thank you all.

    Ray & Elise Dilfield, Crescent Cottage Inn, Eureka Springs, AR Avatar
    Ray & Elise Dilfield, Crescent Cottage Inn, Eureka Springs, AR
  • Always a great job! We count on you time and time again.

    D. Boggs Avatar
    D. Boggs

    Your crew was amazingly quick in responding and completing the task - Thank you!

    Melinda Martin Avatar
    Melinda Martin

    I have worked on several projects with Metro Disaster Specialists at UCA and each time I have been impressed.

    Larry Lawrence, Director of Physical Plant Avatar
    Larry Lawrence, Director of Physical Plant
  • Excellent service, very friendly and timely staff. GREAT JOB!

    Tammy Cook, Administrator Avatar
    Tammy Cook, Administrator

    I arrived at our home on Lake Greeson to discover our water heater had corroded and was pouring water from the top floor. I called Metro and the crew arrived at 2 a.m. and went straight to work.....Within three hours, they had things under control.......Thank you for having a wonderful group of professionals who bring hope to homeowners during moments when things seem hopeless.

    Mike Huckabee Avatar
    Mike Huckabee

    There really are no words to express as to how quickly and thoroughly METRO performed their task. We are pleased to know that METRO will meet our needs and provide the assistance that we need.

    Kenneth Muldrew, Superintendent Avatar
    Kenneth Muldrew, Superintendent
  • Work performed at LL Owen Elementary School - Great Job!!!

    Bill Tietz, Facilities Manager Avatar
    Bill Tietz, Facilities Manager

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